Problems with water infiltration? French drains (weeping tile) are the most effective way to keep water from damaging your foundation and the inside of your home.

Installing a French drain will give you the peace of mind that you will not come home to a flooded basement. As well as knowing that your foundation walls are protected from damage caused by frost, water, erosion and movement caused by these common foundation problems. The use of membranes is the number one solution to prevent water infiltration. The process is as follows:

  • The foundation walls are first excavated, then cleaned with high powered pressure washer and dried.
  • Any damage to the foundation is repaired using hydraulic cement.
  • Aquablock 720 waterproofing membrane is then applied (installed) and left to dry to form a rubber coating over the foundation walls.
  • Geotextile is then applied at the footing.
  • The French drain (weeping tile) is then installed around the footings.
  • The footing is then cored through in desired area for the installation of the sump pit.
  • The concrete floor (inside basement) is then broken for sump pit installation.
  • The sump pump is then installed for discharge of water.
  • Platon (dimple board) is then fastened to the wall with a pneumatic nail gun and sealed with moldings and polybitume (waterproofing caulking membrane) to ensure no water infiltration.
  • 24 inches of ¾ inch clean gravel is then placed.
  • An additional layer of geotextile is installed on top to prevent contamination of the drain.
  • The area is then backfilled and graded.
  • Excess backfill is removed and the area is then cleaned.